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About Us

"NEW ROSME" is one of the leading companies in lingerie production in the Baltic market.
It is located in Riga, Latvia. Number of employees: 200.

The history of ROSME dates back to 1952. In 1963 the enterprise joined the complex Rigas apgerbs. In 1991 it again became independent and started to co-operate with the Swedish group company SWEGMARK INVEST. In 1993 SWEGMARK INVEST buys out ROSME that further on operates under the name of SIA "NEW ROSME" as one of the mentioned group companies.

Investments in the state-of-the-art machinery make it possible to produce every month hundred thousands of garments using the latest technological advances.
The utmost attention is paid to the production of high quality underwear The company has got many awards for high quality received at different exhibitions. We strive to achieve it in combination with gentle body shaping and support. The usage of laces and other materials from western suppliers makes the garments especially attractive.

The major target of our marketing policy is to increase the number of customers who prefer garments with the registered trademark ROSME. Increased competition in the new market economy makes us constantly develop our potential production abilities to keep the current trade ties and to successfully establish new ones.