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16 Mar Swimwear recommendations for different breast shapes
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When choosing new underwear or a swimsuit top, it is very important to understand the shape of your breasts, as this will determine how comfortable you will feel in the product. Like all other parts of the body, breasts are very different and come in different shapes (yes, there is a broader division than ''large'' or ''small'' breasts). About seven main breast shapes could help women choose which type of bra, or swimsuit top would be more suitable or, conversely, which type should be avoided.

08 Feb Discover the TOP 5 bras by our designer
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Time to meet the professionals on our team! Liene Tiļļa is the designer who regularly plans and designs the new Rosme Lingerie underwear and swimwear collections. Read on for professional advice on specific bra styles, and find out more about how Liene finds inspiration for new collections.

02 Feb Lingerie for various daily occasions
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How well do you know your lingerie wardrobe? Do you really wear all the bras and briefs that you have? What about the content quality of your underwear drawer? Remember that the content of any wardrobe needs to be reviewed from time to time to sort out the necessary and... not so necessary. To help you review your lingerie wardrobe, here are some lingerie sets that will suit different women's daily routines and needs.

24 Oct Five suggestions before you buy lingerie
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To avoid getting confused by the wide range of sizes and designs in women's lingerie, we would like to share the knowledge that Rosme Lingerie has accumulated over its 70 years of existence. Time to meet the creative people behind who design and produce our favorite Rosme Lingerie products. We'll also share tips and tricks to help you find the perfect and comfortable lingerie for you.

11 Oct Buying lingerie online – step by step
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Buying lingerie online can seem complicated. Which bra to choose, how will the material and product look in real life, and will it be true to size? What if it doesn't fit? This article will help you to understand everything about buying lingerie online. Trust me, there are a lot of benefits to it.

09 Sep Different types & styles of bra
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A bra can be made for every woman, for every situation. For those days you want to spend at home, doing nothing or lounging on the sofa watching every single episode of your favorite TV show. On days when you go hiking or relieve stress at the gym. Days when you're wearing your prettiest dress and heading out for a date. Days when you just want to feel comfortable and feminine. You can find the right bra to feel comfortable in every situation. Read on to find out which types of bra will work best for you in daily situations.

29 Jul How to correctly determine your bra size
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Many of us don't really know our bra size, so we tend to buy underwear that doesn't fit properly and causes discomfort. A well-fitting bra is important not only for appearance and comfort but also for health. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause back and shoulder pain.

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