Time to meet the professionals on our team! Liene Tiļļa is the designer who regularly plans and designs the new Rosme Lingerie underwear and swimwear collections. Read on for professional advice on specific bra styles, and find out more about how Liene finds inspiration for new collections.

Which are your favorite Rosme Lingerie bras?

I like variety in my wardrobe, including in my underwear. In summer, I prefer thin bras, with sewn or moulded cups. In winter, I like to wear bras with padded cups. Right now, under my warm knits, I'm loving the latest classic non-wired bra from the True collection, which has spacer fabric cups and padded shoulder straps. It is a very comfortable, smooth, non-wired bra that allows you to perform any daily activity. Of the bras in the fashion collections, I like the underwire bra with soft cups, the padded cups on the side, and the padded shoulder straps. This bra gives the breasts a flattering round shape, the side detail shapes the breasts more towards the front and the padded shoulder straps provide extra comfort.

Which type of bra do you prefer - with or without an underwire?

I like both types of bras, and I have almost the same ratio in my wardrobe. Which do I prefer if I like both? It will depend on the season, my plans for the day, the clothes I'm planning to wear, and sometimes my mood.

If I know I'm going to do some physical activity, I wear a bra without underwires, with moulded cups and padded shoulder straps. A bra like this will give me the support I need for my breasts, be comfortable enough, and not interfere with movement. On a calm day at work or a weekend with no special activities, I can choose one of the bras with underwires - it could be with soft cups, semi-padded cups, or padded cups. When choosing one of these bras, I know that the breasts will be more exposed than in a non-wired bra, as an underwire bra lifts and shapes the breasts more than a non-wired one.

Where do you get inspiration for your new lingerie collection?

Twice a year, Paris hosts an exhibition where various lingerie manufacturers, textile producers, and design studios present their new products and visions for the next season's fashion trends. Part of the inspiration for planning new colors and choosing colorful prints can come from an exhibition like this. But you can also take inspiration from previous collections and from our customers who provide feedback to help improve the product for future collections.

Which type do you choose most often when considering underwear colors, patterns, and lace?

I like both lace and smooth knits. For summer, I also like to buy lingerie with floral prints in combination with lace. When it comes to underwear colors, I'm more fan of pastels, because it's easier to mix and match with different outerwear. I rarely choose bright colors - then it has to be a specific pattern construction. The beauty is in the variety.

A couple more of Liene's favorites:

Powerlace –underwire bra with thin, moulded cups and padded shoulder straps.

A pretty, classic, comfortable bra for everyday wear that gives your breasts the support they need from underneath and from the sides.

Jessica –bra with underwires, soft cups, side, and shoulder straps doubled with foam.

Comfort and beauty in one product. My favorite shades are champagne and black.

Delight– a very comfortable non-wired bra for everyday use, also a good choice for physical activity.

Classic in its essence, but far from boring. I particularly like the covered cleavage area in this product, which ensures comfort and security during any daily exercise.

Amantha is a luxurious and very comfortable product - a thin, light bra with underwires, forming a neat round breast shape.

The lush burgundy color, brightly embroidered lace, embossed shoulder straps, and small satin bralette with crystal add an extra touch to the bra. Details matter.