When choosing new underwear or a swimsuit top, it is very important to understand the shape of your breasts, as this will determine how comfortable you will feel in the product. Like all other parts of the body, breasts are very different and come in different shapes (yes, there is a broader division than ''large'' or ''small'' breasts). About seven main breast shapes could help women choose which type of bra, or swimsuit top would be more suitable or, conversely, which type should be avoided.

Round breasts - these could be called the perfect breasts - round breasts are equally full above and below, with a slight projection at the nipple. They can be called the perfect breasts, as there are no bad or unsuitable bra models for this shape. Round breasts do not require shaping and structuring, so there is no need to choose bras with underwires. We suggest buying thin, lightly padded bras without underwires. Non-wired bralettes or triangular shape bras are a great choice. From the Rosme Lingerie range, we recommend the following models: Future retro; Diana.

"East-West" shape (breast ends "looking" to the side) - this description is for outward-facing breasts with a small space between the breasts in the center of the front. This breast shape is more common in women with smaller breast sizes. However, this breast shape can be easily changed with the help of a bra. Thin, lightly padded bras with underwires are suitable, as well as moulded cup bras, which help to create a round breast shape. We also recommend bras fitted around the neck, as this pushes the breasts forward from the sides. From the Rosme Lingerie range we recommend: Thalia; Future retro.