To avoid getting confused by the wide range of sizes and designs in women's lingerie, we would like to share the knowledge that Rosme Lingerie has accumulated over its 70 years of existence. Time to meet the creative people behind who design and produce our favorite Rosme Lingerie products. We'll also share tips and tricks to help you find the perfect and comfortable lingerie for you.

During everyday activities, the breasts move at different intensities, which can cause them to lose their elasticity and shape over time. The main function of the bra is to stabilize and hold the breasts in place, reducing movement, overloading, and stretching. The bra can provide varying degrees of shape retention depending on the design, the materials chosen, the specific model construction, and the combination of ancillary parts. It is therefore important to choose a bra that fits your breast size and shape and is suitable for your daily activities.

A few tips to make buying underwear less stressful:

1. Find the right size for you

Make sure you know your underwear size before you start adding your favorites to your basket. Women's underwear needs to fit your body and clothes properly, so you don't even feel it during the day.

2. Choose the style you like

Once you know the size you need, you need to decide on the style of underwear you want. Rosme Lingerie has a range of different styles of bras and briefs. There are lace, plain knit, and cotton bras with and without underwires - Balconette, push-up, foam cups, semi-foam cups, soft cups, minimizing, nursing, as well as briefs with different waist heights and cuts. Choose your preference and select your underwear colors.

3. Check your underwear drawer

Just like checking the fridge before you go grocery shopping, it's time to check the underwear drawer. This will help you understand what you choose and wear daily, and what goes best with your favorite clothes. Check your existing bras from time to time - whether they've changed shape, faded color, or are just collecting dust in the drawer. You deserve new, beautiful underwear!

4. Pay attention to details

Did you know that one of the most important parts of a bra is the band or the base of the bra? If you think of a bra without straps, you must realize that it is the band that holds the bra in place. The band should fit closely under the chest, but not too tight. Start wearing your new bra on the loosest hook so later on you can change to a tighter hook and wear it longer.

5. Take care of your underwear

Make sure you take good care of your underwear. Wash it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. When choosing a washing machine, set the right washing program and temperature, and use laundry bags. Storage of underwear, especially padded bras, is also important. For padded bras, it is necessary to smooth out all the creases after washing so that the material is smooth, and it is also important to have plenty of space in the underwear drawer so that bras are not squashed, and cups are not deformed. That way the underwear will last longer.

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